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Travel in 10

Nov 4, 2007

This is the fifth Travel in 10 videocast.

This month's travel podcast takes you to see some of the best of Tokyo, Japan. The video podcast starts out in Shibuya the centre of youth culture in Tokyo and from there takes you to visit the districts of Omote- Sando and Harijuku.

The show is a 4 minute Tokyo Travel Guide,...

Feb 12, 2007

For this week's show we travel back to Tokyo to visit one of the more odd tourist attractions you could find (and for Tokyo that is saying a lot!). The Honjo Disaster Prevention Centre is a great place to spend an afternoon. You will get to experience a Earthquake Simulation, Hurricane Simulation, practice putting...

May 17, 2006

Ok, I know I said there would not be any more shows about Tokyo for awhile, but I still have heaps of recordings from my time there last year. (but I promise new shows and videocasts in the next few weeks from other destinations around the world)

So for today's show I take you to visit a traditional Japanese onsen...

Mar 6, 2006

Welcome back for the another travel in 10 audio podcast. This week we are off to visit a great theme restaurant in Tokyo's Akasaka district, Ninja! Great food, and a fun concept are making this one of Tokyo's most sought after tables. The food is an eclectic mix of Western and Japanese, the type of dishes you...

Dec 15, 2005

This is the 4th travel in 10 podcast, a look at shopping and dinning in one of the most exciting districts in Tokyo, Japan. Come and discover Shibuya! We will go to Shibuya 109, Don Quiote for bagains and Tokyu Hands for a bizzare mix of shopping. Next it's off for a tour of the neighborhood and to visit some restaurants.