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Travel in 10

Aug 15, 2009

This month's travel podcast takes you to experience luxury tent suites on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast and features an interview with travel blogger Shira Lazar, who is also featured in Confessions of a Travel Writer debuting this month on the Travel Channel

Confessions of a Travel writer has generated a lot of discussion online since it debuted a few days ago - some favourable and some not so favourable for host Charles Runnette. It's airing again this Sunday, August 16th at 11pm est, so you check it out for yourself. I think the Travel Channel should pick up the show for a few more episodes, but get rid of the jaded travel writer host and bring on a few more travel bloggers podcasters like Chris from the Amateur Traveller, Craig and Linda from the Indie Travel Podcast and me! You can tell the Travel Channel what you thought of Confessions Of A Travel Writer on their site. If the Travel Channel want to pick up a really great travel show they should be looking at Departures, which airs on the Outdoor Life Network in Canada. It's one of the best travel shows on TV anywhere right now.

Travel in 10 Travel Guidebook Giveway contest is also still on. To enter you can: 

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On September 30th the names of everyone who took the survey will be entered in a random draw (with an extra bonus entry for anyone who also joined the Facebook Group) and one random winner will have Frommer's 2009 Guide to Alberta sent to them. Enter now!