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Travel in 10

Aug 5, 2013

This episode features things to do in Maui, Hawaii.

It features guest host Greg Hung, a World Explorer, Film-maker & Travel & Technology Serial Entrepreneur who has directed, shot, edited, and produced over 30 high definition travel and lifestyle related videos on Youtube videos in addition to producing ChicVoyage in Asia - modern travel adventures on the store. He has been instructed by globally renown SLR Director and film-maker Phillip Bloom.

In this independent travelogue film Greg begins his 2nd major filming adventure with a 5 day stop in Maui. This film features:

-Snorkeling in the Kaanapali beach 
-Visiting some beautiful beaches along Maui's West Coast
- High definition driving video tours
- A mini adventure to visit the Halakea Crater Sun rise
- Visit to the town of Lahaina

Shot and produced by Greg Hung for ChicVoyage Productions

Thanks to Lucky from Blue Lagoon

Jamie Jones Cevin Fisher - Music in My Soul

Zainal Talib
Is it you (instrumental Jazz ballad)

Lazlo Kovaks

Merger of Equals - Clear Blue Sky