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Travel in 10

Mar 4, 2008

This week's travel podcast takes us to Istanbul, Turkey with Chris Christensen, the host of the Amateur Traveler.He will takes us from the Grand Bazaar to the Sultan Ahmet Mosque giving great travel tips for those planning a first trip to Istanbul.

Today's travel podcast also features a great song from the podsafe music network, "Istanbul, 7am" by Berlin based songwritter Anne Young.

We hope you enjoy today's travel podcast and our travel blog. Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to

Past travel podcasts have included visits to Tokyo attractions such as Ginza, Tokyo Sea Life Park, Ninja Restaurant, and Shibuya and other destinations around the world such as Luang PrabangHip Hotels in ThailandBali IndonesiaPortugal, Africa and other great destinations for Adventure Travel and luxury travel.

Look for upcoming travel podcasts on Cuba, Vietnam, Singapore, Vancouver and more great destinations around the world.

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